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Ranong Green Teas

Our mission is to provide the tea loving public the best known and one of the most successful brands of tea from North West Thailand, Ranong Tea.

All though there are other Mulberry Teas on the market there is only one Ranong

Our research has shown that Mulberry tea is uniquely beneficial, not only is it great tasting and refreshing but it also packed with great natural health benefits too.

Benefit Tea is the sole importer of the Ranong brand of Mulberry Tea and our close partnership ensures only the very best quality Mulberry Teas are made available.


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For many years Ranong have had a long standing tradition of charity work within Thailand, particularly with the Thai Red Cross Society National Blood Centre in Bangkok. Who's programme provides safe and readily available blood for Thais and Foreign Nationals. 

To those generous people that donate blood, free beverages of Ranong Tea are provided as a thank you in supporting such a noble cause and BenefitTea are honoured to be associated and to continue these long standing traditions.

So our customers will not only be enjoying our great tasting Mulberry Tea, but will also be helping to support us to make a difference....

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